Saturday, May 29, 2010

Good bye, dear family, until we meet again

Today I will have to say good bye to some dear family. So many tears have already been shed, I think I have none left to wet my face.

First, I say good bye to my dear son Richard "Rizzo" Seres. You have been a great son and I will think of you every day. You brought joy and happiness, a passion for basketball and soccer, a love of candy and computers, and added a spice into our home that will linger for many years and beyond. All the photos I took of you will be a reminder that you have become a real Stenzelbarton and you'll always be one of my children.

Second is the little rapscallion Szilard. What a cute kid. I wanted to trade Jordan for you, but your mom said no. You are your brother's brother. I see him in you, but you are also a one of a kind young man. Your smile is infectious and any day you want to come back here to throw the football around, I am here for you.

To the parents of these two young men, thank you for sharing them with me. Zita and Zoltan, you have two wonderful boys and I can see the love you have for them in every look. You are two parent who the rest of the world could take lessons from. Your boys are good, kind, friendly, courteous and a little bit of imp to add flavor to your life.

Thank you all for coming to my home and becoming a part of my family. Never in my life have I felt so happy to have strangers come into my life and become so close. My home will always be open to you and you will always be welcome here.

With deepest love and affection and may God go with you,