Thursday, September 26, 2013

Dear Mr. President and members of Congress,

The situation is unacceptable. The “shutting down of our government” because the lot of you are in a pissing contest over who is right and who is wrong is a situation that needs to be rectified immediately.

WE are who you represent, and WE the people can and will put you out of office. We are not fodder from which you can take money from our labors while you sit back and play with our rights.

We do not serve you, YOU serve us and if you don’t we’ll fire you. That is a fundamental right (one many of us want to do today) of We The People. We put you in office to run the government and if you’re not going to do it, you will find out what unemployment feels like. I am neither a republican nor a democrat and do not care who can blame who. I blame all of you, just as parents will blame all their children for not finding a way to play together. This simile is just as I have children who acted like you are now.

You have a responsibility to the American people.

I am an American and I pay taxes to have a government. I have the right to demand my government stop wasting time bickering and seeing whose penis is longer to find a compromise.

Also, if there is a shutdown because your inflated ego doesn’t want to be bruised and any of you receive a paycheck while our men and women in the military receive I.O.U.s, I will personally start an e-mail chain detailing this action.

How can you in good conscience receive money for not doing your job while the men and women who defend all of us, who die far from home at an age too young, receive slips of paper saying “nice work, we’ll pay you later?” Too many of our fine service people are receiving food stamps, living in substandard housing and receiving sometimes shoddy health care, while you have chauffer-driven cars, plush offices and expense accounts. How do you sleep at night?

This is wrong and NOT what this country is about.

I am just one person, but I am an American and served with men and women in the military, and this is probably not much of a statement, but I am posting this to my website and sharing with my friends. Some of them may agree and some will share with their friends, and then with their friends’ friends and so on and so on until every one knows who is getting paid for not doing their job and who is not getting paid for defending our freedoms.

Pull your head out elected officials because the American people, when properly motivated, can and will pull together and set aside their differences for the greater good of the country. The Southern belle and the New York socialite will hold the same placard; the tall Texan and the Michigan deer hunter will protest with same fervor; the techno-talented and the back-to-nature crowd will cry out with one voice that the problem is not being American, but rather with the men and women who are supposed to be leading our country. Your charisma, your staff-written words, your spin specialists will not be enough to stave off the anger the American public feel toward the ineffectual people whose job it is to run the government.

Do your job. Pay OUR defenders. Don’t waste OUR money. Find a way to compromise for the greater good of the American people, not your ego.

An American
Terry Stenzelbarton