Monday, May 13, 2013

Mirrored Voice

Yes - No
Equal but opposite
Open - Close
Mirrored image, exactly the same but different
Good - Bad
One side and the other, without the one, the other does not and can not exist
Young - Old
I see me in the mirror; a face I've seen through my life
Joy - Sorrow
But he is not me; he is my reflection; he is the same but opposite; he is me but different
Tell - Ask
Who are you there in the reflection? Are you me or am I you?
Deep - Shallow
Are you an honest man or are you living the lie so well, no one knows?
Stay - Leave
Are you a gentle soul or is there a roiling pit of anger, waiting to erupt in uncontrolled fury, brandishing the sword of hate?
Real - Fake
Are you a man of true faith, you there looking in the mirror? Or is it you who is looking out at me?
Somewhere - No where
Are you hiding your sorrows reflection that I see? Or am I hiding mine? Who is living the real life? Who is living the lie?
Lies - Truths
I stare at you. You stare at me. What part of you is me and what part of me is you?
Fore - Aft
I scream at him for answers; he whispers to me just questions. I am searching for truths he is looking for lies.
Damned - Saved
I watch him, the reflection of me in the mirror, and wonder what he is thinking.
Order - Chaos
"Give me the answer, you hateful bastard," he orders. In sorrow, what I say is "All I have is questions."
Alpha - Omega / Beginning - End